Parla Sanat Pishtaz Company offers all kinds of hoses, especially hydraulic and industrial hoses of the highest quality and best price to the customers which are in agricultural products, gas, petrochemical, machining, steel, cement and ceramic industry.
All hoses provided in accordance with international standards and specialized testing (Impulse test, pressure test, fatigue test)
As the latest list of types of hoses offered is provided as follows.
- Hydraulic hose (R1AT / 1SN, R2AT / 2SN, 1SC / 2SC, R16 / R17, 4SP / 4SH / R12, R13, R3 / R6, R4, R5 etc.)
- Welding Hose (Oxygen Hose, Acetylene Hose, LPG Hose, Twin Line Hose)
- Air / Water / Oil Hose (smooth and adjustable range with 300PSI or 150PSI, suction and drain hoses)
- Industrial Hose (Sandblast Hose, Concrete Concrete Hose, Slurry Hose, Fire Hose, Food Hose, PVC Hose etc.)