Atlas Copco

Parla Sanat Pishtaz Co. is a supplier of Atlas Copco products for various industries in Iran.
Atlas Copco is one of the largest machinery supply companies in the industry, including a variety of wind instruments, Atlas copco compressors, industrial compressors, gas compressors, gas and air equipment, air control systems, industrial humidifiers, windshields, windshields, Industrial equipment is hydraulic and pneumatic which is in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, drilling, road projects, aviation and aerospace industries, automotive industries.
Atlas Copco products are of high quality and are designed to play an important role in achieving the country's highest goals in industrial construction with the help of industry executives.
Atlas Copco's products are used in various industries and now in addition to the building and construction industry customers of the company's products are from oil, gas and petrochemical industries and all industries and industrial installations too. Atlas Copco's international credibility is growing day-to-day throughout the world, and in addition, Atlas Copco's new technologies can guarantee better service to old and new customers.
Atlas Copco is one of the prestigious companies in the field of industrial machinery that was founded in Sweden about 140 years ago.
Atlas Copco now has more than 6,000 employees and 1,000 representative offices in about 160 countries.